How to get extra working room.
by Kamikaze

I've found that working on the rear lights on a Custom is a real pain.  If you have to take the brake light off, it's very tough getting the three nuts off because you have to reach between the tire and the fender.  There isn't any way to reach the turn signal wiring without removing the brake light.

Here's a tip to give yourself more room when working on the rear lights.

Remove the passenger and driver seats.

Loosen the four bolt on the front of Fender Stays (2 per side).
Lift the back of fender slightly and remove the two bolts that are closest to the back of the bike.

Lift the fender until it clears the bolt hole, then put one of the bolts back in.

You now have enough room to work on the turn signals or the brake light.

If you're removing the brake light, reach up under the fender.
You'll feel the three nuts that hold the assembly on.
Remove those and the light will come off.