Hidden wires

Thanks to Benny Bryant


  • Here is a simple way to hide the handlebar wires and clean up that area .

    You will need the following parts & tools :

    Drill with 3/8" bit , Phillips head driver

    8 conductor phone wire , notepad and pen

    Solder , Heat shrink wrap ,electrical tape

    Round file , Butane lighter and soldering gun


    You will start by removing the control units from the handle bars.


    note: you can leave the grips and mirror mounts . Just remove the end caps from the grips .


    Drill a hole into the bar on each side in a location that will be covered by the controls.


    Angle this hole as much as possible toward the center of the bike.


    Also drill a hole in the lower part of the bar (in the bend ) for the wires to enter the bar. Angle these holes toward the bars end.


    Use the round file to get rid of burs in these holes after drilling .


Do this step VERY thoughtfully to prevent chaffing of the wires

Make sure there are no roughedges inside the bar .

Now pull the wiring harness away from the fork area and cut the wires in a staggered fashion . Make each wire approx 1/4" longer than the next one . Doing this will ensure no wire will touch another after they are soldered. Solder a length of phone cable to the wires to come out the bars end . You may need to add a couple of individual wires to one side as some controls have more than 8 wires on one side. After soldering the wires and writing down the matching colors on a notepad , apply heat shrink to the entire length of the cable before pushing through the hole you drilled in the bottom of the bars.

You are 90% finished at this point.

Using the holes that were drilled under the control housing , reroute the control wires to the end of the bars. Placing them in heat shrink will protect and make them easier to feed into the bars  .

Using the notes on wire colors that you made when splicing the
wires , reconnect with solder and heat shrink insulation at the bars end using as little wire hanging out as possible . You must push this wire back into the bar after wrapping the connections with tape

That's it ....You are finished !!

barsrear[1].jpg (69685 bytes)

nowires.jpg (45026 bytes)