Tail light mod for a Classic
Doc (nswtex) and WEBSLINGER4


After searching the market for a cheap alternative to the stock tail light and finding none we found one.....- you guessed it - at Wal-Mart - $28.95

At first I wanted to French this light in without the rubber grommet...however... - the existing holes for the stock light in the fender prevented this without using filler and repainting. Something for consideration at a later date and time.

The grommet almost looks stock and there are chrome bezels on the market sold at truck stops that will dress this up real well.

This will not work with the stock turn signals - so alternate signal options need be explored. Pictured are Kury Silver bullets - required drilling into the fender strut to mount.

I used 44Mag spent shell casings to fill the turn signal holes.


LED Lights, Oval, Grommet Mount




Piranha LED Stop / tail / turn lights. 100,000 Hour Warranty.



This mod isn't for the weak of heart ... you have to  drill into and cut on your fender - mess it up and you may be getting a new fender or exploring the Bondo...!

Tools you'll need
  • 2 inch hole saw

  • Drill

  • Dremel with cut off wheels

  • 10mm wrench

Disconnect your rear lights under the fender and remove the fender - remove all the stock lighting

Here's the hard part - getting the gumption up to cut into your fender - decide on your new light placement........Use the hole saw for the upper and lower radius of the hole you need for the new light - then use the dremel tool to cut the remainder out in the center ( your hole needs to be about an 8th of an inch larger than your light - to allow for your grommet - so Dremel to fit)

Cut the old bayonet plugs off of the old stock light and the plugs off your new light- splice the stock plugs onto your new light and test the system.

Once everything is working replace your fender.

Advantages to this mod -

  • -looks - a distinctive change to stock - there is also a clear lens version
  • -safety - these lights are probly 10 times brighter than the stock lights - (when I hit my brakes - I actually see people back off) - the Silver Bullets are intensely brighter as well

Clear LENS LED Lights, Oval Grommet Mount


American SuperLite Inc.


RED LEDs (stop / tail / turn) and AMBER LEDs (front / park / turn). 12 LED Diodes.



I like the effect and it gives the bike a custom look that has received many comments.