Barnett Clutch springs mod for
V Star 650
Written by BULS I
Photos by thecank

For those interested in changing your factory clutch springs, this is a simple “how to” instruction.Start by draining the oil. The oil plug is located behind the side stand and requires a 17mm wrench. You may want to “warm up” the engine first, to help the oil drain faster. Don’t forget to replace the drain plug.Once the oil is removed, you’ll need to remove the oil filter cover, located near the right front peg/floorboard. Start with the smaller cover, and remove the three bolts holding it on.


Then you’ll need to remove the larger engine case cover behind it. It may be necessary to also loosen or remove your front head pipe at this point, depending on what pipes you have installed. When the larger cover is removed, scrape the gasket off with a putty knife or chisel. Be sure to clean both the cover and the crankcase of the gasket material. You’ll want the new gasket (part# 4VR-15461-00-00) to install without any leaks. Once the crankcase cover is removed and cleaned, you’ll be able to see the clutch boss plate (outside plate of the clutch) and the factory springs will be visible in the Boss plate as well. 

Each spring is held in with it’s own screw. Remove the screws one at a time, and replace the springs. Installation of the springs is the exact opposite of the removal. 

Once all the springs have been replaced, install the gasket for the crankcase cover, and then the cover itself. It would be wise to also install a new oil filter and “o” ring at this time as well, being that it’s right there. Next you can replace or tighten your exhaust pipe. Once the oil filter is installed, replace the filter cover, being sure not to over-tighten the bolts (they can strip easily). Finger tight is good. If, after you get the oil back into the bike, you have a leak or drip, just tighten the cover bolts slightly more, again taking care not to strip them.


Things you’ll need for this mod:
Set of Barnett clutch springs (part# 501-45-05050)
Yamaha crankcase gasket (part# 4VR-15461-00-00)
#5 Ball end Allen wrench
Yamaha oil filter
3.4 quarts of your favorite oil