Drive shaft and final gear maintenance

Pictures and Write-up by BMW Larry

And alignment procedure by SPIDER

This is instructions and locations to lubricate the drive shaft and final gear drive. This should be done any time the tire or wheel is replaced. Not doing this can cause serious problems and repairs. And I seriously urge everyone to check it out the first chance you get. Here are some pictures of MajTom's bike after 26,000 miles It looks like Yamaha never did it.

You should use lightweight lithium-soap base grease.

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 1.Remove the chrome piece on the left side of bike that
hides the swing arm and front area of the drive shaft.

2. Place bike on a lift and lift so that the rear tire is
just off the ground.

3. Remove the rear wheel as described in the manual.

4.The drive shaft will come out of the forward U joint.

5.Lift the bike higher to allow you to remove the entire
rear wheel and drive assembly.



Front of shaft exposed

Close up of front shaft

U-joint end showing rubber plug

front u-joint with removal of rubber plug

u-joint exposed

rear end removed from wheel

6.Remove the 4 cap nuts and washers from the rear drive
assembly that hold the shaft into the rear drive.

7.Pull the front of the housing towards the front end of
the drive shaft, this will expose the rear end of the

8.Pull the shaft out of the rear end coupling.

9.Pull the rubber boots from the coupling. Don't lose
the little spring inside of the rear shaft.


10.Grease all the spline ends and coupling ends with
Honda moly lube. A little bit will do it, I use a
toothbrush to apply ( 3 spline ends and 3 coupling

11.  Reassemble and use a torque wrench to tighten
everything down properly.

I slid the rear wheel and driveshaft assembly back under the bike, then lowered the bike carefully to allow easier placement of the whole assembly back onto the bike. You may need an assistant to help guide the front end of the shaft back into the universal joint. The wheel can be turned if you need to align the front spline to the front U joint.

Alignment Procedure