Seat Modification

Items needed:
Spray Adhesive
Staples and staple gun
Some scrap carpet padding in good shape


Bottom of the seat


Stock front view
Stock side view

Remove all the staples holding the stock vinyl down. Be careful not to rip the vinyl if you intend to reuse it. It will be stuck down to the plastic, but will peel off easily.

Seat with vinyl removed.

Seat pan

Now were ready to trim the foam. I wanted a more comfortable seat but also a lower seat height than stock. I left about 1 1/2" of foam on the seat. I cut it off using an electric knife (turkey carver), You can also use a hack saw blade. Measure and mark where you want your cut. Try to go as slow and easy as possible so it won't be as hard to clean up afterwards. After the initial cut I used sandpaper to smooth the foam and get the correct contour that I wanted. Stick the seat back on the bike several times to check the pad and the form. If it doesn't feel right do a little more re-shaping. It will look very rough at first but don't worry there is a trick to getting it smooth.

After smoothing out the foam, You can put a layer of carpet padding on top of the stock foam for a little more comfort. Surprisingly it makes a big difference and helps to smooth out any areas under the vinyl that you might not have gotten perfectly smooth. Glue the carpet pad down with a good quality spray adhesive and trim the padding to fit the modified foam.

Re-install the stock vinyl or pick up some new vinyl at a local fabric store or upholstery shop. Be sure to stretch it good and tight to remove any wrinkles. A little trick I learned is to start at the front and work your way back to the bend, then move up to to the back of the seat. it will help the vinyl form to the seat foam and not sag. You can choose to glue the fabric to the foam but it makes it much harder to stretch and align right. Take your time and stretch it and staple a little at a time. The classic and custom are about the same , but the classic has more foam to cut.


Here are pictures of the finished product which looks and feels better than stock