Exhaust Mod on VStar 650 by Telmo Brito

These are Pictures and descriptions of how I did Telmo Brito's Exhaust mod on an American VStar 650



  • I had previously done the 3 hole mod on my stock exhaust pipes


  • Then I removed the cone by using a dremel. I cut through the weld at the top and removed the cone with plyers. You can also use a 1 1/4 hole saw bit. Pic #1 
    (edit: The cone on the later model V-Stars are welded all the way around.)

  • With the cone removed, I drilled 4 pilot holes between my already existing holes. Pic #2

  • I then enlarged the pilot holes using a 3/8 bit. Pic #3

  • Using a round file and Dremel grinder I started to file the excess metal to open the space completely #4

  • The rest was grinding and finishing with my Dremel and file to smooth the edges. Pic #5

  • The last step was to paint with high temp enamel, like you might use on a grill. Telmo Brito used silver, I happened to have black. It needs another coat, but you get the idea. Pic #6

  • Here is the finished top pipe. This was taken before I finished the bottom pipe, so the bottom is unfinished in this pic. Pic #7

The resulting sound from this mod is a much deeper not so tinny sound as compared to the 3 hole mod.  It definitely has a nice "Bark" when you hit it, yet it's not over-powering or too loud.  I absolutely give this mod a thumbs up.  Great job by Telmo Brito in coming up with this.