Performance Information

We at the VSTAR Custom, Classic, & Dragstar forum and Website do not guarantee the success of the following mods. They can be done if you take your time and follow the instructions. The use of factory repair manuals and after market repair manuals may be beneficial, have useful information, and relevant information.

Rev limiter points 1st 30-32 mph, 2nd 50-52 mph , 3rd 70-72mph, 4th 90mph this is a good indication that the bike is jetted correctly.

Home made air kit modification
Air kit using K&N filters or Emgo pods
Hyper Charger and re-jetting
Installation instructions for the Hyper Charger and re-jetting information
Re-jetting instructions
Step by step instructions on how to rejet. (Extracted from HC instructions)
Jetting chart
Starting point settings for re-jet
Carb sync and idle adjustment location
An easy way to make sure your bike is running the best it can
Troubleshooting carb
Instructions on troubleshooting carburetors with a rich or lean condition
Carb screw toolK
Instructions making a carb screw tool to help remove the brass screws
Carb Theory
The theory behind the way our carbs work and re jetting
Mikuni carburetors
Tuning guide and trouble shooting carburetors
Float Bowl adjustment
Proceedures for adjusting the float bowls
The theory behind Exhaust and Headers
Suspension and Braking
Rake and Trail
Great explanation of bike handling
Misc Info and parts list
Lists different replacement parts and information
Calculations of Rpm versus speed
Mod List
List of the settings that members have used
Virago vs. V-Star engine info