The "Neon Bagel" by WEBSLINGER4 and COCHISE

If you feel the the stock air cleaner cover just isn't doing it for you - and you just can't afford a Hypercharger or other aftermarket air kit right now - here's a cheap and easy solution...

some recommended items you may need... (season according to taste...)

Some paint


Duplicolor METALCAST™ is a new anodized surface color system designed to give the appearance of anodized components. METALCAST™ is a high-gloss enamel that provides a colorful, durable finish to virtually any metal object. Simply clean, scuff and spray METALCAST™ color on any chrome or properly prepared metal surface. On painted surfaces, apply METALCAST™ Reflective Ground Coat, then the METALCAST™ color. METALCAST™ is heat resistant and can be used in high heat applications such as engines and brake calipers. METALCAST™ is available in five popular colors including yellow, blue, red and now in green and purple!

A computer fan grill


80mm Computer grill fan

Made of steel and custom cut on a laser 
Great to decorate blow holes and computer power supply 
Mirrored chrome finish on the outside 
Gives your computer case a unique look 
Available in 80mm sizes in many styles

A computer grill "cold cathode" light

Model#: CCF80BL 
Item#: N82E16811999462

LOGISYS 80mm Blue CCFL Fan for Case, Model "CCF80BL" -RETAIL 

Compatibility: Case 
Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 25mm  
Rated Voltage: 10.2 - 13.8V DC 
Connector: 3 + 4 Pin 
Brightness: 28000 cd/m2 
Features: Dual inverter for two lamps, High brightness, High reliability, Long lifetime, Low power consumption

The R4 Series rocker switches are available in both illuminated and non-illuminated versions.

PDF Catalog

Paint a disk on the front of the air cleaner 80mm in diameter - a neat trick is cut a circle in some contact paper - you know the shelf liner that has an adhesive backing- and use it as a stencil

Remove the neon light from the computer fan- be careful they are fragile  -these things are made of glass - very shock resistant - but they don't handle well

What worked for me was I used a small drill bit to enlarge the mounting holes- Cochise skipped it and just super glued it to the back of the computer grill - (the smart way to go-because like I said is fragile)

Drill a very small hole into your air cleaner assembly out to the back for your light wires


and bolt it to your air cleaner cover and mount it back on the bike

Wires are easy - the light is 12 volt and comes with a small inverter that can accommodate up to two lights... just put it under the tank or in the battery box (it's small).  ..cut the Molex computer connector off the end -

Yellow - direct to the positive terminal on your switch  and your bike battery

Red - to the middle terminal - or accessory on your switch

Black  - to the negative terminal and a negative line coming from your battery


you'll find the light is very bright the whole setup has a distinctive look.... use your imagination - there are many styles of grills and endless color combinations of paint and lights that you can use to give it a custom look


and here's the kicker..... the whole thing was less than $25 bucks (how's that for cost effective...)    :)