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Download the service manual.
Yamaha V-Star 650 Service Manual  Note: This is a 15 meg PDF file.

Helmet Laws by state

American Motorcyclist Association

Founded in 1924, the AMA has an unparalleled history of pursuing, protecting and promoting the interests of the world's largest and most dedicated group of motorcycle enthusiasts. The AMA focuses on rights, riding and racing through its government relations work, by sanctioning road and off-road riding activities and overseeing professional and amateur racing events.

Direct link to look up motorcycle laws by state.

Fuel Filter

  • Auto replacement fuel filter......NAPA 3007 $4.85
    it's a millimeter or so larger in diameter than the stock filter.
    spread a couple drops of dish soap on the filter first, and it'll
    slip right into the rubber bracket.

Oil Filters - Stock Filter Replacements

  • Yamaha Filter - 4X7-13440-90-00 (replaces - 4X7-13440-01-00)
  • Yamaha O-Ring - 93210-64297-00
  • NAPA - PS4935 or P84936
  • Purolator - ML16804 or ML16805
  • Fram - PH 6004
  • STP - SMO-5
  • WIX - 24935 or 24936

Oil Filters - ORK (Oil Relocation Kit) Filters

  • Purolator - ML16817
  • Bosch - 3300
  • K&N - KN-303 or KN-303C (Chrome)
  • Napa Gold - 1358
  • Fram - PH 6017A
  • Wix - 51358
  • STP - SDF 13
  • Hastings - LF-113
For a complete writeup, including details on specific filters, see this PDF.
Exhaust Crush gasket , Front 4TR-14613-00, rear 4BR-14613-00.
Clear Turn Signal Lens 5VN-83312-10-00

Standard Spark Plugs
Autolite 4164
Champion RA8HC
Denso X22EPR-U9

NGK Iridium

SPARK PLUG GAP 0.8mm (Note: Most plugs come pre-gapped from the factory.  It's not recommended that you try to regap Iridium plugs, because the electrode is fragile.)

Tire Pressure
Custom up to 198lbs..29 front...33 rear
over 198lbs..29 front...36 rear
Classic up to 198lbs..33 front...33 rear
over 198lbs..33 front...36 rear,
       * the 198lbs above is rider, passenger and baggage.

How to get sizes of bolts from the part numbers..

The Yamaha microfiche shows the bolt size, you just have to know how to read it. Here is how it works.....

The part number is broken down into 3 parts 99999-06012-00 is an example. The second part, which is 06012 tells you the size. That bolt is 6mm in diameter and 12mm in length. If the second part was 08024 the bolt would be 8mm in diameter and 24mm in length. The first part of the part number tell what type of part it is such as bolt, screw, washer etc. and last 2 digits generally determines the finish such as black, cad, etc

Here is the wiring colors for the bike harness:

Black= Ground
Blue= Running (or low beam on a dual element bulb)
Green= Right Turn Signal
Brown= Left Turn Signal
Yellow= Brake Light (or high beam if using a double element bulb as run / brake)

You have 2 wires on your light, one will be the high beam and the other the low beam, you need to figure out which is which. Connect the low beam to the bikes blue wire and the high beam to the bikes yellow wire. If you have turn signals then just connect them to the brown and green wires. Mounting the light on the frame will be the ground connection. Now just one thing, Jeff has advised that grounding to the frame where it will pass thru a bearing may cause some damage so for a side mount you may want to consider running a ground wire to the bikes black wire. You can make your own ground wire in several ways, if you need help then put a post up for that and we'll try to help you out.

Model Identification:


XVS65AVC CLASSIC - California

XVS65VC CUSTOM - California




A - Classic
T - Silverado (except 2005 Custom with Flames)
C - California
M - Midnight
F - Flames
R - Raven
W - Pearl White

Years: K=98 L=99 M=00 N=01 P=02 R=03 S=04 T=05 V=06 W=07 X=08 Y=09

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