Adding Mini Fog or Passing lights By "LES"

  • I wanted more light  and to be seen in the front end. After  installing the after market running passing lights on the stock bar  I still wanted to have a set of fog lights. Here in Florida  fog is a big problem.

    I found just the set that would mount under the floorboards that would not scrape and would draw less the the stock lollipop running light turn signal. These are what I used

    There is a concern about to much draw on the charging system so here is what will solve that.

    The running portion of the stock turn signals have a 25 watt draw on each. You can either disconnect the blue wire which you will use for your new lights and leave it that way or do as I did:

    Switch the front turn signal for the rear. The front has a dual filament bulb, the rear a single. The rear when mounted on the front is used just as a turn signal. The front mounted on the rear I hooked to turn signal and the other filament to the brake light which give you more light in the rear,

    After doing this I had  lessened the always on wattage by 50 watts. So after the passing lamps  +70 watts minus the running lights - 50 watts and adding the fog lights + 40 watts. I only had a extra draw of  60 watts which is less then just adding the passing lights alone. 

    I  took a  3/8 inch drill bit and drilled a hole in the front side of the floorboard bracket.

    Then you run the wire up the frame and through the triple tree and into the head light. I took them into the speedo and mounted two mini toggle switches in the front for them and the passing lights. That way if I were stuck in traffic I could control the battery draw. And ran them to the blue wire which went to the running lights of the lollipops

    Here is the result and I think you will agree that I can be seen from the front.