Keg Mod

By Mark "SMBUCA"

It depends on the Keg Mod you want as to the performance you get

Stage I
If you just turned it on it's side & drilled 3 - 3/8" holes through the end keg plate, then the flow is still much bigger & your still real sober.

Stage II
If you removed the first keg plate, then drilled holes in the 2nd keg plate, the keg flow is greatly increased & you're starting to feel much better about your keg mod and the flow is still much bigger than stock

Stage III
Now, if you've completely gutted your keg by removing everything beyond the 3rd keg plate, there will be no restrictions & the beer will flow faster than you can swallow. You've just ruined your keg but are too drunk to care. Wake up tomorrow, find a new keg & repeat process.

So to answer any questions whether the the keg is bigger full or empty and which stage has better flow. I was to drunk to cut the Keg apart for pictures.

So if you are sober enough after doing any of these mods send Les the pics so he can post them on this page