Horn relocation using a Harley Horn:
Here is a great way to dress up the left side of your bike.
By Jeff Sweigart

Here is a picture of the parts and a list below


The part numbers are Harley. You may find the parts cheap on ebay. 
But if not  the dealers vary in prices

3588              flange screw      $ .70       (2)
69012-93A     horn cover          $34.50     (1)
69062-91A     horn clamp         $1.50      (1)
69120-91       horn bracket       $11.50     (1)
69123-92       rubber mount       $5.50      (1)
7481             acorn nut            $1.50       (1)
6109              washer               $.35        (1)
8108             speed nut            $.85        (2)
50903-85T      1 1/4" clamp       $9.95       (1)

In the pic of the horn and the "cow bell". Not all the washers were used.

Remove the tank existing horn and plastic frame covers. 
Then run the existing horn wire to the new location. 
Some wire will need to be added to reach.
Mount the 3 piece clamp to the frame .
The clamp position isn't as critical as it looks, but must clear the underside of the tank.
The black bracket with the holes was home made.
The custom looks better with the horn mounted a little higher than what you would do on a classic.
The home made bracket is roughly 4.5" long, both holes are .75" from the end.
The piece was cut from mild steel 1.5" wide and .25" thick.
One hole is 3/8", the other is 7/16".
These measurements are from a bracket that I didn't use because it was to long
(may be good numbers for a classic).


Now hook the horn up and reassemble everything and you are done.



Dresses up the left side and the stock horn sounds like crap