Helmet Laws for the United States
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Alabama Helmet Law
Alaska 19 and under must wear helmets
Arizona 18
Arkansas (1996) 21
California Helmet Law
Colorado TOTALLY FREE! No Helmet Law!
Connecticut 18, permit holders
Delaware 19, permit holders, reflectorization
Florida (2000) 21, Medical Insurance
Georgia Helmet Law
Hawaii 18, reflectorization
Idaho 18
Indiana 18, permit holders
Kansas 18
Kentucky (1998) 21
Louisiana (1999) 18, Medical Insurance
Maine 15
Maryland Helmet Law, reflectorization
Massachusetts Helmet Law
Michigan Helmet Law
Minnesota 18, permit holders
Mississippi Helmet Law
Missouri Helmet Law
Montana 18
Nebraska Helmet Law
Nevada Helmet Law
New Hampshire TOTALLY FREE!
New Jersey Helmet Law, reflectorization
New Mexico 18, reflectorization
New York Helmet Law, reflectorization
North Carolina Helmet Law
North Dakota 18, reflectorization
Ohio novice, 18
Oklahoma 18
Oregon Helmet Law
Pennsylvania (2003) 21, 2 yrs riding exp. or Safety Course
Rhode Island novice, 21, passengers
South Carolina 21, reflectorization
South Dakota 18
Tennessee Helmet Law
Texas (1997) 21, Medical Ins. or Safety Course
Utah 18
Vermont Helmet Law, reflectorization
Virginia Helmet Law
Washington Helmet Law
West Virginia Helmet Law, reflectorization
Wisconsin 18, permit holders
Wyoming 19
District of Columbia Helmet Law
Puerto Rico Helmet Law
Guam 18