Barry "GlockerDude" Boyer

The  Gas Cap gas cap you need is a Kuryakyn vented 8309 


I modified the cap to fit into most metric bikes with a 1.565" tank opening.  The only way to mount the cap securely is to epoxy the mounting rim of the cap into the tank.  For a permanent mount, I suggest using JB Weld on the underside of the cap where it makes contact with the raised lip of the tank opening.  For a less than permanent installation, I suggest 3M 8001 Weather Strip Adhesive, but it much harder to work with.  It is soft and may drip into your tank unless you let it dry to a tacky texture before installation.  I am still looking into additional adhesives.


The removable cap is has a threaded insert using left handed threads that requires a key (included).  The Plastic Spanner Key is about the only way to remove it to fill the tank with gas.

The beauty of this cap is it's low profile, aircraft design and it's lockable filler insert.