Front Fork Mod by WEBSLINGER AND BOATS (dpdmarsh)

Cosmetically - there isn't that much difference - I have to look hard to see the diff... when you sit on it - you see it right away - more of a chopped feel. It raises the pegs - no scrape in the turns - I ride with a lot of lean - and I never come close to dragging the boards. It raises the pegs - no scrape in the turns - I ride with a lot of lean - and I never come close to dragging the boardschanges the handling - much easier at slow speeds - and still stable at high speeds (turns on a dime)-

it increases the lean on the kickstand  - after the slam it didn't lean enough...

It increases the tension on the front springs - less dump in the front end under braking...(I like that) It feels like a much bigger bike - even with the slam


But to me the mod is definitely worth it and essential after doing the j-slam - I'll never go back to stock- just like the slam - I'll never go back.....




The best option on this is the 1 inch ID PVC - 12 inches long
 - just replace the old spacer with the new PVC ones.

there have been great reports of using a variable speed drill 
and a socket to do the work... I'm told it's much easier

1" ID PVC is the best & cheapest thing to use.

Step #1 to make the job easiest of all requires having someone to help you.

Put the bike on a lift, do only 1 side at a time.
Remove stock spacer, replace with 1" PVC.
For reinstallation of the caps, make yourself a little leverage tool. Get a foot long piece of 2x4 or 2x3. For mine I used a foot long piece of 2" PVC. Drill a hole in the center of it just big enough to get a socket extension through. Stick the extension through your wood then attach the ratchet and socket.
Now put the fork cap in the socket and line it up perfectly on top of the PVC. Have your helper (probably best with him kneeling so he's down out of your way) pull down on the wood to compress the spring while you are pushing down and getting the threads started with the ratchet...go slow at first to make sure you aren't cross threaded, you will know if it's cross threaded or not after a few slight turns, if so STOP:). Basically, the wood is just a handle to get extra leverage on the spring.

(webmaster note: if you do use a 'leverage' tool, such as the 2x4, please take pictures, so we can add them to this page.  Post them on the forum, or email them to a moderator.  Thanks)

Sounds like a bigger job than it is.