Float bowl adjustment by Bill


Pic 1 is the bike placed on a stand to ensure the bike is securely level. I use a "$20" lift but anything you can improvise with will do fine.



Pic 2 is of me checking the level of the carbs.


Pic 3 is the gas can I use to drain the fuel into ......and the tubing I use.


Pic 4 is the fuel tank above the carbs so fuel will "gravity feed" straight to the carbs. 


Pic 5 is the actual checking. Fuel level is "spot-on" here.

   A word on checking fuel levels,

     It's somewhat hard to see the fuel in the tube as it's almost as transparent as the tube your looking into, but under good lighting, it can be seen. You might find it easier to dye your gas for this test but I didn't need to. Make sure the tubing is nice and snug on the drain nipple and don't move it around after you open up the drain valve. Tap out any bubbles in the tube and compare it to the mark. The manuals say the fuel level should be 7.5mm - 8.5mm below the fuel level line on the bowl which is near my index finger in the pic.  Make a mark 8mm down from that and compare the fuel level to that mark. And finally, fuel in the tube tends to hug up on the inside and you see a curve to the fuel level. The difference between the high and low in the curve can be over a millimeter so, go with the bottom of the curve.


Pic 6 is me pulling the pin that holds the float and fuel needle. The fuel needle is only loosely attached so, they may separate when you remove them. These are delicate parts in here so, heed caution!


Pic 7 The pliers here are holding the tang that gets slightly bent to make the adjustment. Just a slight bend is all it takes, it don't take much. 


Pic 8 is re-installing the float and fuel needle. Be careful not to bump anything and accidentally bend the tang.


   Then just put the bowls back on the carbs, fill 'them up with gas and see how good a bend you made in the tang; if you guessed wrong :) , you must drain them and go back in again until the fuel levels are correct. It can get time consuming and frustrating the first time.

 When installing the bowls, make sure the gaskets stay in their groove or they will get mashed when you torque down the bowl screws and leak fuel from the joint. Dealers say to replace them every time you open them but the only one I've had to replace was the one I mashed :). And I've done this check a dozen times.

 There you go,