Gary's "Stormloader"

Thanks to Gary for a lot of fine mods.

The premise here is that we can gain more comfort by stretching out the 650's pegs or floorboards further forward.

I elected to pick up two pieces of mild steel plate, 4" x 12", a quarter inch thick. I made a rough template from cardboard, and began hack sawing and drilling.


I then cut a hole in the plate to allow the stock brake pedal return spring to operate correctly, you're going to' need that of course.

Cleaned up the plate and the holes cut. Primed and painted black for the final installation.


I also had to lengthen the brake connection rod, a piece of longer 7/16" diameter round rod did the trick, grinded, filed and drilled the ends to match the crimped ends on the original.

With the "rear" photo, you can really appreciate the difference from stock.

On the left side, you'll need to lengthen the 8" shifter rod to 12". I did it with a 1/4" x 20 "coupler nut" and a length of threaded rod. It is a bit more involved than just this, but the rod is all that needs to be modified on the left side, as the brake pedal rod was on the right side.