Flasher replacement for aftermarket turn signals
Work done by "Jeff Sweigart"

  • This is a cheaper way to get your turn signals flashing at the proper intervals after you have installed aftermarket turn signals.
    The new turn signals have improper resistance for the stock turn signal flasher to function properly. In most cases they end up  flashing very rapidly .
    What we will do is replace the stock turn signal flasher with a 
    electro-mechanical. The flasher I used is a Grote 44530 available at Napa auto parts.

    This is the factory turn signal flasher located above the battery

    Picture of  original turn signal flasher and white wiring connector removed from
    flasher with 2 jumper wires installed

    This shows the original flasher, the 2 jumper wires, and the location for attachment in the stock wiring connector. Then the electro-mechanical flasher installed.

    This shows the replacement electro-mechanical flasher installation and the wiring
    The flasher is conveniently out of the way and take up no special room.  The
    original flasher is still installed, but not used.

    Now your turn signals will function properly