Installing a Cam-Lock Cruise Control
by Metric Sal

I needed a good cruise control for my bike. I had ZIVs, but I wanted something that was quick on and off, like a thumb control. I looked at some of the available units out there, and just didn't like the look of most of them. Then I found the Madco Rider CAM-LOCK cruise control.

They make two versions, one for Classic controls (cables out the bottom) and one for Custom controls (cables out the front). You have to order the specific one you need. My How-To will show the Classic version.

The CAM-LOCK comes nicely packaged, and arrived in 3 days via Priority Mail:


It comes with everything you need to do the install:

Let's start with a stock grip picture:
Unscrew the end cap by turning it counter-clockwise:
If you peel the rubber grip back, you will see it's over a plastic housing, with ribs:
Take a pick or similar tool, and work the rubber off the plastic. Shoot some WD-40 in there at the same time. Do this all the way around the grip:
Work the grip until the rubber is loose. Then pull up on the other end, and slide the grip towards you:
Remove the rubber grip. Before doing anything else, clean the WD-40 off the rubber and plastic so it doesn't soak in:
Next, remove the chrome trim ring. You have to take the o-ring off first:
Then just slide the ring off:
You now have to cut this little nub off the plastic. I used the razor and emery board included in the kit:
Now, slide the CAM-LOCK unit over the grip. If you have ZIVs cruise control like I did, you need to remove the thumbscrew and shaft. You can leave the bolt in the grip. Just loosen the two he CAM-LOCK that hold the locating bracket in place so that it's loose, and that will give you clearance to go over ZIVs bolt. Then just tighten them back up after slipping the CAM-LOCK in place:
Then slide the supplied Delrin washer over the plastic. Use your pick tool to help get it past the ribs:

Slip it all the way on until it snaps over the end of the plastic and is against the CAM-LOCK:

Push the plastic housing towards the control, then flip the CAM-LOCK on and tighten the adjustment screw to hold the plastic grip in place while you slip the rubber back:

Slip the rubber grip back on. Make note of the pattern of the ribs on the plastic, they are specific and the rubber has to match how you put it back on:

Screw the end cap back on, adjust as per directions, and you're done!

The CAM-LOCK costs about $100 shipped, and came in 3 days. It's nice for a show bike because it's polished aluminum and doesn't look added on.

Their website is   Enjoy!!