Clutch spring mod to help get some play in the clutch grip by Aaron

I just had a brain storm one night, and went out and added this spring tothe clutch cable. It keeps the end knob tight in the shifter linkage and allows you toadjust 1.5" more slack at the grip, without ending up with the lever floppingaround.

The spring used is 5" uncompressed, cable guard is 1/4" split loom wire cover. Could not use shrink tubing due to diameter of cable end. The smallest diameter shrink tube that would fit on could not shrink enough to stay in place. I tested the lever movement and found, two to three wraps of
the spring will still touch the cable on compression of the spring but the friction is so light that I believe the cable rubs much harder inside its jacket than it dose at these points. the cable is highly visible in the spring now and can easily be inspected for signs of wear. The split loom piece is 2 1/2" long. One end is fit over the end of the adjuster on the end of the cable sleeve. This arrangement leaves enough exposed cable for the clutch arm to move fully and protects 75% of the cable from any wear .I would have to say that cleaning once to twice a season and use of a quality chain lube or cable lube should minimize any wear

 As to adjustment, I adjusted mine to hit the friction zone at approximately 1.5" of pull at the lever. This is using the travel at the lever end for measurement. The clutch begins to disengage at this point. It is best to do the adjustments in small amounts until you have a comfortable shift point achieved. However It would be wise not to try to bring it all the way to the grip. the clutch needs to be fully disengaged at the grip to keep from causing wear to the clutch components in the transmission.