Rpm/Speed calculations by Spider and  NITF
The chart below can be used for any bike.

Out of the Owners Manual specs we have the following information:

Primary gear ratio = 1.789
Secondary gear ratio = 3.070
Giving us a combined drive gear ratio = 5.492

1st gear ratio = 2.714
2nd gear ratio = 1.900
3rd gear ratio = 1.458
4th gear ratio = 1.166
5th gear ratio = 0.966

The rear tire is a 170/80-15 which means the outside circumference of
it is as follows:

15" = 38.1 cm
Diameter of outside of the whole wheel is 13.6+13.6+38.1=65.3cm
Circumference = pi*65.3=205.15cm = 2.0515m for 1 revolution of the

Rev Limiter kicks in at 7200 RPM so for first gear the rear wheel speed

is: 7200/(5.492*2.714)=483.1RPM

speed traveled is 483.1RPM*2.0515m=991.1m/min

Speed in m/hour is 991.1m/min*60=59466m/h=59.466km/h

59.466km/h = 37.166MPH

Using the above calculations, these are the calculated rev limiter
points for all the gears:

1st = 59 km/h = 37MPH
2nd = 84 km/h = 53MPH
3rd = 110 km/h = 69MPH
4th = 137 km/h = 86MPH
5th = 165 km/h = 103MPH

  1- Modify yellow cells with specific vehicle and regional data. 2- Enter RPM or speed into green cells. 3- View results in bold.  
          Let Engine RPM =   Let Vehicle Speed =    
  Primary Reduction                    
  (for motorcycles only;     Overall Vehicle Speed   % of max RPM Engine speed    
  use 1.0 for cars)       Reduction     (RPM)    
  Transmission 1st        
  Gear 3rd        
  Ratios 5th        
  Final Drive Reduction                  
  Tire Diameter (inches)     Circumference =          
  Engine Redline (RPM)                  
  Speedometer Error     (+) If speedo reads fast and (-) if the speedo reads slow      
          Enter (0) to see actual vehicle speeds      
  Units (MPH or KPH)                  

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