COCHISE'S  Driver's Back Rest Mod 
Cheap easy and Comfortable

You buy a 4ft. length of 1 7/8 in aluminum for about $8.00
I used the driver seat mount to mark the drilling holes ,(I have a custom) , on the classic, just turn the seat over

I had cut 8-10 inch piece, I just eyeballed it

Then I took 11/2 inches of the the edge and bent it a little past 90 degrees I put in the crack on my work bench. worked good to bend it on the garage floor I used a 3 pound sledge hammer, (over kill a regular hammer will work), to finish the bend.


Since it is aluminum you can bend it with a strong hand,


I mounted it all back together (incl. the pillion seat) and bent it where I wanted it (on the classic I would use a piece of 1 inch by 1in 1/8 inch steel square to make my own washer, and drill a hole in the center so the seat bolt won't go through the aluminum.

I then painted the aluminum with black engine paint and put it in my oven suspended with coat hanger peaces from the rack, and cooked it for 30-45 min. at 400 degrees.

After that I decided where I wanted the pad to go, drilled 2 holes and mounted the pad I made from left over seat mod, then I put it all together and mounted it all up...  if you don't try to bend it by leaning on to real hard (who rides like that anyway) it will have some spring to it, and it kicks ass on bumps , I used all stock mounting hardware.


It's a simple install, good luck....  

and let me know what you think......