Rear Crash Bar Install on 650 Classic V Star

By Stick (dalebruce)

Parts Required: 

1 Set of Yamaha
P/N STR-4WM33-00-00
List $148.99
Made to fit Yamaha Tour Classic 

I Got Off Ebay $9

1 Piece of 1/4x1-1/4x48” Steel

These Pieces that came in Yamaha Package will not be used (Disscard) 

The New Rear Crash Bars will mount using the Rear Most Fender Strut Mount hole and The Top hole on the passenger peg mount.

On The Left side I removed the Hook that comes off the peg mount as it was in way and never used.

Next I cut (2) two piece of the steel 4” long and rounded the ends of each using the crash bar end as a template And (2) Pieces approx 12” Long, these are not as important of a length but the 4 “ pieces are a finished length. Then starting with small drill bits worked my way up to the bolt size of the fender strut and crash bar bolts in the 4” Pieces. You need to put a slight offset in the 4 “ pieces to have it follow the curve of the fender strut and allow the bracket to be in closer to the strut. While maintaining a 90 degree mounting position.


If you mount the 4 “ Pieces and semi tighten the bar using this piece then you can adjust to figure bends for lower longer pieces of steel.

NOTE: one half of the chrome crash bars has a shorter leg then the other side Left one in below pic I used this one on exhaust side and once installed you don’t notice also there is a slightly different radius on the top bend of the bars compared to bottom.

Once metal is bent and fitted you will have something like this.

And will look like this from each side

And the exhaust side

And Then Send your Bent Pieces to the Chromers and they will look like this (Cost about $70 Dollars to have chromed)

Congrats Your all Done!


Now get ready for the comments on your Custom Fabricated 
Rear Crash Bars!