Installing a 21 inch Harley Wheel on a V-Star 650
by MetricSal (TeamPSP)

Here's a quickie write-up...First off, you want to use a 99-down year wheel because it's a 3/4 axle. Most HD wheels 2000 and up are 1" and you don't want that.What I did to make it work.... I got a stock 3/4" HD REAR axle, that was longer than the stock V-star front axle. It was most likely off a dresser because they have the really wide rear swing arms. I then had it machined/cut down to the same length as the stock axle. Then using the stock front axle for measurements, I had the end of the HD axle machined down and tapped to match the end of the stock axle. So basically, it's 3/4" diameter all the way through the right lower leg, through the wheel, and then right up to the inside face of the left lower leg. Then the threaded part matches the stock V-star axle. You then drill out the hole in the right lower leg to 3/4". So the machined HD axle will slip into the right leg, through the wheel, and then threads into the left lower leg like stock.At that point, you just need to machine the proper wheel spacers to center the wheel, and the wheel is mounted. On the left side, you can use an HD speedo drive which also acts as one of the wheel spacers. Then use an HD speedo cable, with the head that matches the speedo end same as ours.All that's then left is the brake. Using a wide glide HD wheel will put the rotor in almost the exact same spot as stock. I had to machine off a tiny amount from my caliper to move it in a little closer to the wheel. Looking back, I could have just offset the wheel over a tad with the spacers, because it was such a small amount you would not even see it. I would suggest doing it with the spacers, then you have a bolt on brake setup. Then just use your choice of any HD 11.5" rotor, and it places in the stock caliper just fine.If you go with a 21" rim like I did, you'll have to fab a fender. I used a stock HD wideglide FX front fender, and then welded extra metal onto the brackets to make it mate up to my lower legs. That was for Classic lower legs, which have more traditional fender mounts. The Custom lower legs have the weird vertical fender mounts, and also are overall shorter. Either way you just need to fab some fender mounts.